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Maple Infused Balsamic Vinegar - Modena, ITALY

Maple Infused Balsamic Vinegar - Modena, ITALY

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This balsamic takes any dish that calls for maple syrup and gives it a delicious twist! Add sweetness and complexity to baked root vegetables.  Also makes an amazing glaze for salmon or pork!

Easy Use: Drizzle over plain yogurt, granola and fresh fruit for a tasty breakfast. Click HERE for more tips and tricks!

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 tbsp (15ml): Calories 36 Fat 0 g (0%), Saturated 0 g, Trans 0 g (0%), Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 2mg (0%), Carbohydrate 8 g (1%), Fibre 0 g (0%), Sugars 7 g, Protein 0 g. Not a significant source of other nutrients. % = % Daily Value
INGREDIENTS: Grape Must, Red Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavours