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il Tagliere- Salami Campagnolo Hot

il Tagliere- Salami Campagnolo Hot

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Prepared according to the original traditional Calebrese (Southern Italy) recipe in natural casing using the highest quality ingredients. Seasoned with hot pepper, sea salt, black pepper and garlic and aged for 75 days to yield the characteristic spicy, smooth and subtle flavour.

Excellent as an appetizer with rustic bread, grapes and cheese.

il Tagliere's products are made naturally according to the Italian tradition, starting with high quality ingredients, individually selected with care and experience. Their slow, natural curing methods use no artificial flavors or colours. All their products are gluten and dairy free.

pieces are about 300g

 *** Produced in Caledon, ON***

**Please note that we will NOT SHIP Cheese or Meat**